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Shower Seat Adjustable

Track-mounted folding seat

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair

Wall Mounted Foldable Shower Seat

Wall mounted folding seat

Shower Chair with Cutout

Height adjustable bathing chair

Folding Bath and Shower Chair

Height adjustable bathing chair

Wall Mounted Shower Seat (Foldable)

Wall-mounted folding seat

Freestanding Bath/Shower Seat

Height adjustable bathing chair


Shower seating is an independent living aid that allows individuals with a disability or mobility-impaired users to take a shower whilst in a sitting position. This ensures the safety of the user around wet areas where the elderly and users are more prone to slips and falls.

Shower seating can come in a variety of options to suit the user’s individual needs including with and without back support, height adjustable or fixed height options and with or without handles. 

evekare has one of the largest ranges of shower and bath chairs that you can find in the marketplace, some of the options include:

  • Wall track mounted shower seat that can be placed on a wall track system supplied by evekare. This shower seat’s height can be adjusted based on the user’s requirements and folded when not in use.
  • Freestanding height adjustable shower chair that can also be used as a bath chair. Features of this chair include aluminium frame for heavy weight-bearing capacity, non-slip feet and seat, integrated shower holder and a backrest for users who have a weak back.
  • Acrylic stool that can be used in the shower or in the vanity area.
  • A wall-mounted shower seat that can be fixed using an aluminium bracket and can be folded upright to save on space.
  • A shower chair with cut-out for personal hygiene that comes with integrated handles and a backrest for postural support.
  • Freestanding seat without a backrest that can be used in the shower or the bath. This seat can be height adjusted based on the user’s needs and also features a non-slip seat and feet.

When to consider buying shower seating?

  • When a user is experiencing temporary or permanent disability leaving them unable to stand independently
  • When a user has recently experienced an injury or trauma leaving them with weakened muscles or joints unable to stand for prolonged periods of time
  • When a user is prone to accidents slips and falls on wet surfaces such as a shower 
  • Ideal for a user who requires the support and sturdiness to sit and shower independently and may not necessarily require backrest or back and arms support

What to consider when buying shower seating?

  • Height of the shower seat – many different models offer different features such as being height adjustable so it’s important to consider whether this is crucial or not for the user.
  • Width of the Shower Seat – The width of the shower seat is an important factor to focus on as well. Generally, a shower seat that is wide is much better with greater surface area to sit on comfortably and a wide support base is favourable too when it comes to ensuring the shower seat remains stable and doesn’t tip over.
  • If a user is prone to developing skin rashes, investing in a shower seat with padded seating might be more suitable to offer greater comfort and cushioning however these tend to wither with time exposing the underlying foam thus reducing the life of the shower seat. So, best to consider only if really required.
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