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Toilet aids can particularly help mobility-impaired users, elderly or seniors to maintain their safety, dignity and independence within the bathroom. 

evekare offers an extensive range of quality toilet aids that assist users in using the toilet and performing daily personal hygiene tasks, safely, independently & hygienically. Within our range of toilet aids, you’ll find accessible toilet suites, grab rails, raised toilet seats, toilet safety rails, bidet toilet seats & handheld bidet sprays.

Toilet Aids in evekare’s product range include:

  • Accessible Toilets: Can help those with reduced mobility and users of wheelchairs to perform toileting tasks with much more ease and comfort courtesy the raised toilet pan which is higher than a regular toilet.
  • Grab Bars or Grab Rails: Can help the elderly or mobility-impaired users to get on and off the toilet by providing them with extra support. This is especially helpful for users that experience knee problems or have weak leg muscles.
  • Elevated or Raised Toilet Seats: This product offers a practical solution to situations where making adjustments to the existing bathroom/toilet may not be possible. Elevated or Raised Toilet Seats can simply be used on an existing toilet already fitted in a bathroom.
  • Over Toilet Frame or Toilet Surrounds: This mobility tool is exceptionally durable having been built with metal and featuring padded armrests for extra support and greater comfort. Where a bathroom does not have a wall for grab bars to be fitted or when the user requires more support than grab bars can offer, Over Toilet Frame or Toilet Surround is the perfect aid to assist.
  • Bidet Seats and Sprays: Allow mobility impaired-users and the elderly to maintain personal hygiene in privacy and comfort, whilst maintaining their independence. The smart bidet seats can be used with a touch of a button and do not require the user to move for after toilet cleaning purposes.

When to consider purchasing toilet aids?

Toilet aids are recommended by disability-related health practitioners based on the user’s individual circumstances and disability needs. But generally speaking, toilet aids can be helpful for users in the following circumstances,

  • When a user feels weakness in the leg muscles or has knee and hip issues.
  • If the user has gone through surgery such as a knee replacement surgery or a hip replacement surgery.
  • If the user feels dizzy when standing for a prolonged period of time.
  • If the user has difficulty in sitting down and standing up i.e. cannot support their body weight while changing positions.

What to consider when purchasing toilet aids?

The considerations change based on the toilet aid that the user is looking to purchase. Below is a list of things that the user needs to consider for each of the different kinds of toilet aids,

  • Grab Bars or Grab Rails: The length of the grab rail, its thickness (32mm), the shape i.e. straight or angled, the installation method, weight-bearing capacity, the colour, finish, material used to construct the wall where the grab rail will be installed and the measurement of the area where you plan to install the grab rail.
  • Elevated or Raised Toilet Seats: For purchasing the right raised toilet seat It is important to know the shape of your toilet seat and its measurements from end to end. Other considerations include the elevation level required by the user,  the weight of the user and the installation method for the raised toilet seat.
  • Over Toilet Frame or Toilet Surrounds: Important considerations include whether the toilet surround is fixed height or height adjustable. Presence of grips on the handles for safety and comfort and suction cups on the feet to avoid the risk of slips and falls. Also, it is important to know the weight-bearing capacity of these toilet aids.
  • Bidet Seats: Considerations will vary based on whether you are looking to buy electric (smart) bidet seats or manual bidet seats. The main things to look for will be the shape of your toilet seat and have the measurements of your toilet bowl from end to end. For an electric bidet seat make sure that you have an electric connection nearby to power it up. 
  • Accessible Toilets: Points to consider include floor space, toilet bowl size, elevation level of the toilet bowl, weight capacity, type of flush controls and the installation method.

Safety and comfort are the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right toilet aid, therefore, it is important that a user tries the toilet aid prior to purchasing one. Also, advice from a medical or health professional is very important to choose the right disability aid based on the user’s individual needs.

At evekare we aim to offer quality products to all our customers to help make their experiences just that little bit more comfortable and safe. We strive to offer excellence not only in our product but also service delivery which is why when you buy an evekare product you know you are buying confidence and peace of mind. Our entire product range undergoes rigorous testing and all evekare products are backed by a warranty of up to 15 years.

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